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YU-GI-OH! Story presentation

Published: Wednesday 21 September, 2016

Duelist Kingdom articles

  • Mysterious roll of tape, the millennium eye millennium artifact owner - Bei Kasi · J · Crow Buddha often used in the videotape to the dark duel Muto game challenge, but Muto game, but because of the time termination defeat Muto double six the soul is thus the power of the Millennium eye in the soul seal seal card (comic version of Bei Kasi send the game tape), Muto game in order to save the soul imprisoned grandfather, and partners to find the Bekaa to the Duelist Kingdom Sri Lanka duel, and mutual trust and the hearts of the other partners own alongside.

Urban combat prequel

  • Duelist Kingdom War ended, instant visibility Muto game rises, mysterious Egyptian Slate came to Japan exhibition, throws millennium secret artifact, three thousand years of fighting, three God cards, as well as hidden in the Millennium building blocks of nameless Pharaoh's memories, Seto Kaiba at a chance to get a card in which a god: EntroPay Leask giant magic, and he was to get the remaining two God cards, real wild child in the city held a duel city ​​contest, and with gambling licenses as a rule, while the new next-gen debut followed duel disk, but Muto game to find their own memories of another mind, which is the memory of the nameless Pharaoh, God must collect three cards , also took part in this contest, six clubs in order to collect puzzle cards, give the final right to participate, have to fight a duel; mysterious Gulu Si Group sent rare card hunters mixed one