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Naruto Setting

Published: Saturday 25 March, 2017

  Kishimoto has stated that, as Naruto takes place in a "Japanese fantasy world", he has set certain rules in a systematic way so that he could easily "convey the story". He wanted to "draw on" the Chinese zodiac tradition, which had a long-standing presence in Japan; the zodiac hand signs originate from this. When he was creating the setting of the Naruto manga, he concentrated initially on the Naruto Costumes designs for the village of Konohagakure, the primary setting of the series. He asserts that his design for Konohagakure was created "pretty spontaneously without much thought", but admits that the scenery is based on his home in the Okayama prefecture in Japan. Without a specific time period, he included modern elements in the series such as convenience stores, but specifically excluded projectile weapons and vehicles from the storyline. For reference materials, he performs his own research into Japanese culture and alludesNaruto Costumes to it in his work.[18] Regarding technology Kishimoto said that Naruto would not have any firearms. He said he may include automobiles, aircraft and "low-processing" computers; Kishimoto specified the computers would "maybe" be eight-bit and that they would "definitely not" be sixteen-bit

  Naruto Conclusion

  Kishimoto stated that he already had a visual idea of the last chapter of the series, including the text and the story. However, he noted that it could take a long time to end the series since "there are still so many things that need to be resolved".[20] Since the series started serialization, Kishimoto decided the ending would feature a fight between two characters: Naruto and Sasuke.[21] He wanted the fight to end with Naruto forgiving Sasuke similar to the time Naruto forgave Nagato. Naruto's romantic partner was also decided in the middle of the series. Since Hinata Hyuga always respected NarutoNaruto Costumes even before the series' beginning, he felt they were meant to be. This angered Kishimoto's wife who wanted Naruto to marry Sakura Haruno.[22] In Kishimoto's mind, he did not think of her as a future wife for Naruto. However, once Hinata first appeared, the author thought of making a love triangle between the three characters. He later regretted this as he considered Naruto a fighting series with little focus on romance.