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when there are unique uniforms at group companies

Published: Sunday 26 February, 2017

For Japanese companies, many companies have adopted uniforms only for female employees, but cost reductions due to deteriorating corporate performance after the collapse of the bubble, increase in the number of temporary employees who occupy a large proportion of women The reduction of female employees' uniforms has been increasing in recent years, in line with changes in the form of employment of companies in association with the reduction of female employees who wear regular uniforms Cosplay Australia
. From the standpoint of feminism, the reason why uniforms are applied only to women is secondary reasons for discrimination against women. Meanwhile, from the viewpoint of global environmental conservation and comfort in midsummer, the demand for liberalization of male employees' clothes is rising, and many workplaces are available, which allow work for even casual clothing, especially for large companies. Coverage of public bureaucrats as a national policy measures against global warming is becoming standard as a cool biz and no tie wearing.

In addition, when there are unique uniforms at group companies, subsidiaries often adopt designs that conform to the uniforms of the parent company.

Abusing the function that uniforms represent occupations and duties, the crime pretending to be a police officer and the like is constant (although the police notebook is carried and carried, although the presentation is requested, the uniform is the position Because there are some police officers who refuse to prove that they are proof, in 1968 three hundred million yen incident, 1978 uniform cop shattering female college murder case, police officer cat cat baba incident in 1988) Fantastic Four Costume
. For this reason, in 2002 the name tag "Identification chapter" with a personal code engraved with a class chapter was introduced.

Although sometimes it can be prevented by asking for identification other than uniforms or checking by phone, it is usually difficult to confirm to that extent. There are also courier companies that take countermeasures to place full-time staff at each visit / region (there is no chance another person will come to delivery). A fraud case pretending to collect and inspect fire extinguisher sorting fire extinguisher pretending as a firefighter / firefighter member (coming in gray work clothes) and collecting / checking of electric power companies and gas companies, a robbery case that opens the door as a courier service proprietor happens (For this reason, electricity, gas and water companies have noted that "We do not collect money using this vote" in the usage notice).

In the Norwegian continuous terrorist attacks Utoya Island gun shooting, the criminal wore uniforms of police officers and reached a crime after relieving the subjects of terrorism, the victims aligned by believing the terrorists as police officers. Therefore, 69 people died.

In the Hague Land Treaty, it is forbidden to use military uniforms of belligerent countries and disguise them and exercise their force. During the battle of Bulge in 1944, the SS special forces led by Otto Scorksey wore military uniforms abandoned by American soldiers and infiltrated the Allied forces, confused the communications network and transportation network There were also, but if the identity was revealed by the Allied soldier, we could not escape the shooting (actually several people were shot dead on the spot where they were discovered) Flash Costume
. On the contrary, a method of putting enemy troops' uniforms on the army's uniforms and pulling off the enemy's military uniforms during battle is also done in some special forces of both armed forces, and thanks to this strategy, There were also many soldiers who escaped.

Uniforms themselves have significant implications for their status / occupation, and staff of judicial officials, security, security, disaster prevention related organizations and lifeline-related organizations must strictly manage uniforms.

Also, instead of trusting unconditionally just by wearing a uniform, the identity card itself is considered as one of the equipments' equipments, and of course it should normally be wearing (carrying) as a police officer The law enforcement officer is stipulated by the law "to carry on a regular basis except when approved by the head of the company headquarters during work, and present an identity card when asked by citizens for public performance".