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Uniforms are required to have functionality consistent with thei

Published: Sunday 26 February, 2017

Uniform (school uniform) is clothing prescribed for the purpose of wearing by a group or organization belonging to a certain group or organization such as company / school, military, police etc. Even within the same group, the appearance (design) of uniforms between men and women is often different Doraemon
. Also, clothes that do not have an ordinary duty to wear are sometimes called standard clothing or encouragement clothing (gyuuuuuuuu). In addition, uniforms are said to be uniform in English, but when you say uniforms in Japanese, they are sometimes used only for unified clothing of sports team members.

The most important purpose of setting uniforms is to make it possible to clearly distinguish between human beings inside the organization, people outside the organization, ranking, function, affiliation, etc within the organization. In addition, it may be expected to enhance the sense of solidarity among those wearing the same uniform Cosplay Australia
, or to enhance self-esteem, discipline, loyalty or spirit. In elementary schools and the like, you can make skin come out with shorts and trousers, for example, to strengthen the skin. Good-looking uniforms and pretty uniforms have a desire to wish to wear their uniforms and to wear their uniforms (turn around, want to enter the organization and want to enter that organization), and sometimes play a role in securing talented personnel.

Also in the wartime regime and dictatorship states, clothing control may be done for the purpose of saving goods and sharing consciousness. Examples of national clothes used during the Pacific War in the Empire of Japan, and People's Clothing in China and North Korea.

Uniforms are required to have functionality consistent with their duties. Clothing prescribed for emphasis on functionality for specific work is called work clothes and sometimes distinguished from uniform. Depending on the company, it is assumed that clothes are always worn in work and work clothes are regarded as uniforms. However, even in this case, it is basically based on wearing a suit only when accompanying a customer such as a sales staff.

For current public servants in Japan, self-defense officers, police officers, firefighters, coast guards, etc. In private companies railway staff, station staff, security guards and others are important to wear uniforms from a business point of view


Uniforms of military personnel, police officers, etc are attached with insignia such as ranking chapter, affiliation chapter, troop chapter, qualification chapter etc, and the stipulation (design, color, material etc.) is strictly stipulated, so these The meaning of uniforms in institutions and so on plays a role of controlling the command system and expressing the hierarchical relationship. Abolished class uniforms and wore almost the same uniforms from the highest commander to the soldiers, but because of the confusion in the organizational control, an example like the former Chinese liberation army where uniforms of each class resurrected There is also Disney Costume
. In the SDF, the Ground Self Defense Force and the Air Self Defense Force are making slight differences in the uniform of the executives (officers) and the coworkers (noncommissioned soldiers), while in the maritime SDF the uniforms of the executives and the colleagues are almost the same , Uniforms of Cao and masters are completely different in design (male sea female only, female sea men are almost the same as bicarbonate).

In general societies there are not many industries and job types without uniforms. However, in the case of social workers, it is sometimes required to work for clothes that are somewhat refreshed. For example, in the case of a male employee, there are many people who work in suits (suits), shirts, neckties, and it is said that these suites and shirts are substantially regarded as uniforms.