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TOUKA GETTAN game settings

Published: Monday 06 February, 2017

    • Preface: ancient times (should be the story of the two thousand years ago), in the source of this land has not been on the demons and people of the expedition. One ancient king practiced a ritual of summoning the goddess Touka Gettan Costume, but the ritual summoned the three goddesses, and the warrior of the tribe was subjected to the control of the Shadowbane (the so-called "Stone Sword"), killing all The people at the ceremony and the people in the tribe. Goddess in order to stop the stone sword runaway, the Yong Yan killed. So another goddess eagle name began to hate from the holy to, because Yong Yan is diving name brother.

    • The world: Diao name attached to the guardian of the daughter of Shou-East by Yumiko who created on the Jin not original of this world, and fantasy out of a daughter - Peach (peach incense is a woman), but because small peach incense is fantasy, and with Shi Jian, died at a very young age, in order to stabilize the spirit of eagle name Anime Costumes, ghost stems will use a doll to create another peach (later became the actor), and the stone sword on the peach Of the body.