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Published: Sunday 12 February, 2017

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Name Baromaja: Heart no Kuni no Alice

Name in English: Alice in the Country of Hearts, Wonderful Wonder World

Name in Arabic: the wonderful world of wonders

Year: 2008

Author: Quinrose

of his works:

Crimson Empire - Circumstances to serve a noble

Paint: Hoshino Soumei

kind: Adventures - Comedy - Fantasy - Girls - Romantic

Rating: Five stars

The number of folders: Volume 6

The number of chapters: chapter 35

Alice Liddell flower girl dreaming of something strange about the game and the laws of age and when you wake up you see her sister by her side and in her book about the famous story ~ Alice in Wonderland ~ suddenly feel sleepy and covered in a deep sleep to wake up and find themselves in another world entirely different from her world and there is someone to force her to drink strange drink .. what the story of this drink? How Alice will return to her world? That's what Starafouna in this wonderful manga

Alice Liddell The main character in the manga girl very easy and compare themselves constantly with her sister Lorena Liddell Cosplay Australia
. One day I sleep in the garden and dreaming the dream of strange and then wake up to see her sister by her side, along with the book tells about the famous story Alice in Wonderland. Go sister Alice to bring the cards to play to get back not to sleep again and wake up to see in front of her white rabbit wearing a coat and trying to convince themselves that it is just a dream and trying to go back to sleep again, annoyed Bunny and turns into a man and takes him right into Wonderland. Hence adventure Alice begins to try to get out of this world and return to the real world Assassin's Creed Costume
. You do not return to her world or will fall in love with this world ??

Peter White Person has the ears of a rabbit and carries with it an hour and wearing a coat, the first person to be offset by Alice in Wonderland and claims to be the reality in love with her, is not trying to convince him that they hate but continue chasing and convince him her love, Peter can switch to rabbit and works as prime minister to the Queen of Hearts.