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The security company lends the uniform to the security guards wh

Published: Sunday 26 February, 2017

The security company lends the uniform to the security guards who are employees, but if the uniform is lost, it is supposed to report it to the police station in the jurisdiction promptly. This is because uniforms are not misused and it is necessary measures from the viewpoint of preventing crimes that have abused the social position by wearing uniforms.

There are a lot of enthusiasts who are interested in uniforms themselves even though they are not misused by crime Frozen Costume
, and the possibility of losing is extremely high.

It is conceivable to keep in mind the management of the uniform, such as not drying out (especially low-level houses) when washing and drying uniforms, or concealing the contents when carrying uniforms.

At the police museum there are police officers' uniforms and emblems, but this corner keeps on looking at the staff so that staff will not be photographed at all times to prevent copying.

1. ^ For example, station employees wearing uniforms are easy to distinguish from ordinary customers, which makes it possible to smoothly receive questions about transfers and contacts when emergency occurs. Even police officers and security guards are under investigation and must prevent exposure of their status. • If you wear uniforms during labor disputes, such as when stimulating stakeholders, you can work in private clothes.

2. ^ However, rough appearance like going out is not permitted, but basically it is stipulated to work with suit suit or similar clothes Cosplay Australia
. As for the clerk, at least it is instructed to wear a jacket. Also, as for engineers, they are ordered to work with dedicated work clothes, and it is possible to confirm the appearance even at the founding commemoration event etc.

3. ^ Example: "Mie prefecture firefighting officials' clothing system and clothing leasing rules (February 17, 1973 Mie Prefectural Regulation No. 8, last revised March 9 th, 19 th)" It seems that similar rules exist in other local public bodies.

4. ^ See October 25th, 18th Meiji 17th Miyauchi Tachibana Otake No.8 "The Great Dicton"

5. ^ Refer to the appendix and the shape drawing of "Prison dress code system" No. 1 on the legal administrative office March 22, 1952

6. ^ Robert H. Frank "Thinking everyday questions in economics" Nihon Keizai Shimbun , 2013, page 171 Green Lantern Costume