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Street Fighter is a fighting video game series created by the Ja

Published: Tuesday 21 February, 2017

Street Fighter is a fighting video game series created by the Japanese company Capcom software. His worldwide fame was increased from 1991, when it released Street Fighter II (formerly the company already enjoyed a great reputation thanks to arcade games like Ghouls' n Ghosts, Stride, Final Fight, etc.) already from 1987 when it appeared the first part of this game series enjoyed a great popularity in arcades (recreational, Coin-op or "pencil") having thousands of fans around the world, who also was an excellent • slow play for time, but it was the sequel that sparked a revolution Cosplay Australia
, giving way to a new golden age of arcade halls.

It sold several million copies of the CD cartridge and systems for home consoles worldwide, and it happened multiple versions of the same (some rather strange and dubious origin).

The games are all fighting one vs one (at most 2 vs 2 in the case of X-Men vs. Street Fighter, but not simultaneous and 2 vs 1 simultaneously in some versions alpha and former) in the sort of fight saga was the pioneer in using combinations of buttons so will the special times, such as pressing two buttons at the same time or use diagonal lever or in the case of consoles with the cross Samurai Warriors Costume
. It is also essential to make "combos" (several consecutive times without the possibility that this area can be protected, "combo" comes from a combination) with every pound gaming features were improved and expanded. Street Fighter II had the new primary to choose any character to fight and not just the protagonist, the first Street Fighter could only choose Ryu or Ken (Player 1 and Player 2 respectively), and fight a rival controlled by the CPU , which was very limited gameplay.

At the end of this title to market other titles followed, settling the standard for fighting games:

Fatal Fury (SNK)

The King of Fighters (SNK)

Mortal Kombat (Midway)

Art of Fighting (SNK)

Killer Instinct (Rare)

Samurai Shodown (SNK)

World Heroes (SNK)

Coincidentally, many of these games were later exploited commercially by the company Neon Skies of Arcadia
, along with producer SNK designed and programmed several sets of international success.