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SLAM DUNK talent basketball player was born

Published: Monday 10 October, 2016

  • And light secondary school bad boy Yingmuhuadao 50th favorite girl refused, because the other is like the basketball team, which hated the basketball, extremely sensitive. After entering the high school in northern Hunan, the flower arrangement is still very low. One day, beautiful girl Haruko walked in front of the flower arrangement, asked: "ask, do you like basketball?" Extremely excited Sakuragi think their spring came, in order to get Haruko's heart, show their athletic ability, Sakuragi Inadvertently broke into the high-grade classroom area and offend bad seniors. In the evening, Haruko Sakuragi to the basketball hall to teach Sakuragi dunk, the results of Sakuragi hit a rebound, but its excellent physical fitness and bounce ability to Haruko is very pleasantly surprised, convinced Sakuragi is the basketball team savior. The next day, Sakuragi was his friend Yang Ping told the boy that he has a boyfriend Chuanchuan maple, shocked, Sakuragi decided to directly to Haruko confirmation, the result that Haruko Fuqiu middle school basketball genius Chuanfeng crush long, poor Sakuragi once again into the sadness of disappointment, at the same time, poor seniors with people to find Sakuragi Sakura, with its appointment after school duel in the roof of the school. Yoshida and others came to the top of the building when they found a black hair in this sleep .......