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Pokemon First Generation

Published: Friday 21 October, 2016

  • The first generation works: red, green, blue, yellow

  • The original wizard treasure dream game Pokemon Costume is a strategic element with the Japanese role-playing game, by Tajiri wisdom for Game Boy development. These role-playing games and their sequels, re-plate is considered to be the main series of wizard-Po-dream game, known to most fans of the series.

  • Fantasy treasure dream series game started from the Game Boy game "wizard treasure can dream red green" in Japan for sale. When the game is very popular, enhanced version of the wizard can be Dream Blue "then on sale, the blue version has been re-compiled as" the wizard can dream of red blue "as an overseas edition for sale. The original red and green version has never been sold outside Japan. Later, in order to meet the wizard can dream of the second enhanced dream of re-plate "Wizard Po can dream yellow" on sale. The first generation introduced the first 151 treasure-dreaming stages (which included all the frog seeds from the Miao Frog seed to the super dream's dream) and basic gameplay such as rein in, training, fighting with computers and other players , Exchanging treasure can dream and so on. These versions of the game take place in the fictional place of the game. Nintendo 64 road-based photographic game "wizard treasure dream can be a snapshot"; adapted from "Yoshi, Russia, the Russian side of the game" Box "to the spirit of the treasure can dream of the theme of" Wizard Po can dream of the box Union "; will be handheld RPG Battle System transplanted to the Nintendo 64 platform 3D game" wizard treasure dream Arena "; a few wizard treasure dream Co-starred in the Nintendo 64 fighting Anime Costumes game "Nintendo Star Stalker." At the 2000 Nintendo Space World, the Meow and Rockets briefly introduced a new game - Meow Meow Party, in which Polk Bee and the beautiful flowers debut, but the game is not officially produced. However, this song was used as an animated trailer and sold in Japan, a limited edition CD.