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legal issue forced Capcom to change the name of M

Published: Tuesday 21 February, 2017

Interestingly, a legal issue forced Capcom to change the name of M. Bison (African American boxer). It was so called because in Japan the figure was only a tribute to the American boxer Mike Tyson (the full name is Street Fighter boxer Mike Bison). That did not make him any grace Capcom America, who did not want to see problems with the managers involved in the boxer Tyson Cosplay Australia
. So they decided to change the name of the Balrog. The psychopath Spanish Japan originally named Balrog was called Vega in the US to be a Spanish surname Vega, regardless Vega that was being used as the name of the final boss of the game.

The final enemy was known as Vega in Japan on this side of the globe will be named M. Bison. At first, not to clarify the meaning of "M" gave rise to names like "Mister Mink" or "Master Bison" in an attempt to interpret it, even so semi official came to accept the "M" Bison was rank this character militarized had in his dark paramilitary organization ( "Major Bison" or in Spanish: "Major Bison" that was accentuated particularly because the character-a cap-wearing to early versions star badge that most military organizations in the world means you have the rank of Major) Starry☆Sky Costume
. In Europe, the names have also been changed since before distributing in Europe, the Street Fighter hands to go before Americans.

Continuing the theme of change names, we have the character Gouki (original Japanese name). Capcom America thought that name sounded "Stranger" and even seemed ridiculous. So they decided to change the name to Akuma, which in Japanese means "devil" America Capcom did not know that separate the two kanji that form the name Gouki is obtained which means "big devil". And finally, we have to Nash. This character is the friend of Guile death. At the end of the game with the character Guile in Street Fighter II see them crying for revenge for the death of his friend Nash Street Fighter Costume
. But this can only be read in the Japanese version because Capcom America decided to change the name to Charlie (the name of a more typical American soldier). Little could imagine that Capcom America Nash "resurrected" in the sub-series and Street Fighter Alpha should rename the Charlie Nash again and again.

Outside of Japan (original name) Vega Vega Balrog Balrog M. Bison Bison Charlie Mike Nash Akuma Gouki