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killed the usurper and regained control

Published: Thursday 16 February, 2017

Ezio, Desmond and through it, the keys used to see Altaira memories after the death of Al Mualim. They show that the Altair lost his wife and youngest son in the middle of a coup within the detachment Assassins followed twenty years of self-imposed exile. Over time, Altair returned to Masyaf, killed the usurper and regained control. On the verge of death, Altair has enrolled their memories of the keys and gave them to his friend Nikola them hiding in a distant place, before disappearing forever in your library. Eciovoj At present, he and Sofia are going to Masyaf and open the library and find a corpse and Altairov Part of Eden that is possessed. Ezio leaves Deo and his equipment and talk directly with Desmond, knowing that only a conductor for him and hopes to find the answers he needs Game Jacket Costume
. Desmond then approached another holographic figure, Jupiter, explaining that their civilization unsuccessfully tried to use technology to stop the destruction of the Earth's surface from solar flares, but they maintained their storehouse of knowledge in several vaults associated with central vault that Desmond must use to stop a similar event that will happen soon; Desmond recognizes location in New England. She wakes up from a coma and finds Rebekah, Sean and surprise, his father William. After learning that Lucy died of bites that he caused her, he informs them on location in New York, the temple that will save humanity.

Revelations includes lots of new systems, including additional weapons. Bomb making is now available, allowing the player to make explosives and bombs, tactical jamming, using materials found throughout the world and the Mission of the Assassins. As the player progresses, Ezio can train new recruits to defend the holes (main headquarters Asesina) and improved mission Assassins section called "Mediterranean Defense" in which the player is working to break away from the control of various cities of the Templars. We introduced a blade and a hook that can be used for free climbing (to move through the wire and easier climbing) and in the fight (manipulating enemies) Final Fantasy Costume
. Eagle Vid was promoted to Eagle feeling, which allows ECIU not just to see where his enemies and targets but also where they were and where they will be. Multiplayer mode returns in Revelations, this time with more characters, modes, maps, and advancing through experience levels, the player learns more about the history of Abstergo.

Desmond and his friends arrive at the threshold of the temple in a cave in a part of New York on 31 October 2012, and open the door using the Apple of Eden, the detecting behind that door larger chamber filled with predecessor technology, including another door, that require a key. Desmond suddenly fall into the joint and placed in the Animus. Here he survives memories semi Mohicans, semi Briton called Radunhakedun (Ratonhnhaké: ton), later called Connor (Achilles was thus called in memory of his deceased son), who lived during the American Revolution, and Konorov father, Haight Kenvej who was later exposed as a British agent Templar. Kenvej went to the American colonies with the stolen medallion, recruited allies Templar including Charles Lee and worked on it to gain the trust of the Mohicans to show him where the temple but to his own hurt, did not open the locket Temple Final Fantasy Type-0 Costume
. Connor, a young man, watching Li and his troops dropped his village and killed his mother; years later, it was shown part of Eden, through which Juneau talk to him and ordered him to train with the Master Assassins Achilles Dejvenporta. Achilles leads Connor and teaches him about the Assassins and introduces him to the patriots of the Revolution, through which Connor stopped several plans Templar hamper their progress including the attempted murder of George Washington. During these memories, Desmond is recovering from joints and helps your friends to regain power sources to strengthen Temple scattered around the planet, including one that Abstergo has for himself.