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His adventures have been published in various Marvel Comics comi

Published: Sunday 26 February, 2017

X-Men, also known as Patrulla-X in Spain1 and Men X or "Equis Men" in Spanish America, are a group of superheroes of the Marvel Universe created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. It made its first appearance in September of 1963, in the pages of the comic (The Uncanny) X-Men

His adventures have been published in various Marvel Comics comics, coming to enjoy several monthly collections dedicated to them Halloween Costume
. In addition, several adaptations have been made in films, animated series and other derivative works.

The series starts from the idea that the human evolution would continue active, being in fact before a crossroads in which would be born a new species with great powers and capacities, the mutants. The protagonists of X-Men are a group of them; The mutants are characterized, from the superheróicos personages of the comics, because they have acquired superpowers thanks to mutations and changes in their genetic structure.

The main theme in their stories is the persecution of Xavier's so-called dream: the integration of the mutants into a human society that fears them and at the same time needs their protection. For this reason, Charles Xavier (sometimes called as Professor X or simply the teacher) decides to recruit a group of young mutants and train them in the use of their powers, with the double aim of protecting humans from evil mutants, as well As to defend the mutants of the fear of humans Cosplay Australia
. In contrast, other groups of mutants would seek to rebel violently against humanity; The main one of them would be the one headed by Magneto, the archenemy of the group.

The series begins with the first public appearance of the new group, which over the years would vary in its composition, expanding, producing numerous series derived and becoming one of the axes of the Marvel Universe to the present.

After establishing the basics of the series, Stan Lee proposed that both heroes and villains would be mutants. The series will be called The Mutants. That name was rejected by publisher Martin Goodman, who felt that younger readers would not know what a mutant is. Seeking another name, Stan Lee thought of calling them "X-men," and was then based on the X of the famous African-American social activist Malcolm X (who was fighting for the rights of black citizens in the US) Guardians of the Galaxy Costume
. Thus, the teacher became "Professor X" ("Xavier" was chosen for being a name that began with that letter), and his students would be the "X-Men", a name that was Approved by Goodman.

The original series, The X-Men (later published under the name Uncanny X-Men) appeared in September of 1963, as an analogy of the racial tension that was lived in the United States at the time, being the leaders of the race Mutant, Magneto, and Professor Xavier (alluding to African-American leaders Martin Luther King and the aforementioned Malcolm X). The first group failed to arouse public interest and was canceled in the early 1970s.