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.hack (CyberConnect2 developed series of games)

Published: Monday 24 October, 2016

  • Japan's famous game series ".hack" can be described as one of the most successful game development Hack//Sign Costume,. Hack is the network world "The World" as the stage to the game, animation, fiction, comics and other forms of cross-media together to start a huge program. In addition to the game, ". Hack" series of works everywhere, not only has both comic and animation development, even the recent popular light novel field of great concern.

  • .hack is a fictional online game "The World" as the main axis, described later in other media works to start the story. From April 2002 began the first phase of the plan, separated by many years in April 2006 started the second phase of the plan. The story of each work has a subtle relationship with each other Anime Costumes, especially the first phase of the story and the other works to be entwined with the complexity of the intertwined, and illustrates the entire world view to become one of the characteristics of the plan. Please refer to the respective items for details of each item in the plan.