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GIRLS BRAVO works brief

Published: Tuesday 25 October, 2016

    • "Girls Long Live", also known as Long live the girls (Japanese: GIRLS ブ ラ ボ ー, Girls Bravo), is ま り お Jintian comic works Girls Bravo. Was published in the Kadokawa Shoten "Junior Yes Monthly" serial. 2004 summer animation. The Chinese version of comic books published by the Taiwan East, a total of ten volumes.

    • Synopsis

    • The story tells the story of the hero Sasaki snow into a Mizuno-a fear of girls, once contact with girls will play urticaria in the small boys. His neighbor and his childhood is a childhood girl called Tong painted, but can not be in direct contact with her.

    • One day, the snow into the occasional through the home of the tub to go to the different world of the Blue Forest capital of the West lotus, met the United States clear (Mikalu), more shocked when with her Anime Costumes, actually no allergic reactions. Therefore, he is very hard to contact with the United States and fine. The story of male and female in the two places when the shuttle happened.