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"Game of Thrones in the first quarter

Published: Tuesday 20 September, 2016

"Game of Thrones in the first quarter."

The drama mainly from the song of Ice and Fire series of novels, the first "Game of Thrones."

Game of Thrones each family crest

Game of Thrones each family crest (10)

Stories from the border Westeros found at ancient legendary extinct creatures began, indicating imminent danger. The Northern Territory Winterfell Santo cum guide families of the continent and also ushered old friend King Robert Baratheon visit. The king hoped Ed Stark (Sean Bean Sean Bean ornaments) can serve as prime minister, against the attempt to seize the Iron Throne rebels. Under imminent crisis situation, the whole kingdom seemingly calm surface is stormy. Right upper weight Baratheon family, courageous kind of Stark family in an attempt to seek the throne of House Targaryen, has a hidden secret Lannister. These families own ax to grind, king of accidental death, the country immediately into endless war being.

"Game of Thrones second season."

The drama mainly from the second song of Ice and Fire series of novels, "Kings of the dispute."

Ed Stark died, his vassals embraced his eldest son, Robb Stark is king of the Northern Territory. Robb Stark, led by the Northern Territory and the Lannister army strength confront each other, Langley southern border Xiongbing are constantly launching towards monarchs, as well as trends unknown Stannis, northwest of the Black Sea and all the people on the Iron Islands . The night watchman guarding the northern barbarians with a foreign life and death. Dragon Mother Daenerys with elderly remnants composed of Calaca, follow the comet's trajectory through the vast prehistoric toward distant slim Zionist cause moving. Winter is coming, the cold gradually since. With the second quarter of the story into the dark nightmare, Arya Stark (AryaStark) still in captivity among Lannister; Tyrion do their utmost to clear the city of the monarchs of the sinister believers; and Langley Stannis on the brink of war, even though Caitlin Stark (CatelynStark) begged the two join forces against a common enemy; Sansa still trapped in the cruel and increasingly mad Joffrey and his mother in the hands of power-hungry ; Stark family males who are dispersed from their land between the river to the vast land impasse between the Great Wall. At the same time, "Dragon" Dani and her ragged Dothraki Falls in Quebec City to see a glimmer of new hope.