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Fate Stay Night Synopsis

Published: Tuesday 18 October, 2016

  • The legendary Holy Grail is the aspirations of all holders of treasures to achieve, but to obtain the Holy Grail ritual, is called the Holy Grail War.

  • Participation in the Holy Grail War the Holy Grail of the seven chosen by the magician is called master, and 7 is called Servant the magic set. They were selected by the seven souls of the Holy Grail, it is divided into seven and rank, so that magic identity was called. To receive the Holy Grail only one group, the group of seven men each to be the last of this group and kill each other.

  • Kiritsugu Adoptivsohn Miya Miya Shiro, coincidental and servant of the Fechter Saber (fixed contract, which was involved in the Holy Grail war.

  • In the version of the game, with different initial selection, it will be behind the plot there is a big change, a total of three lines.