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DRAGON BALL Works evaluation

Published: Thursday 22 September, 2016

  • "Pearl" is one of the most influential Chinese Japanese comic books, is a famous Japanese cartoonist Akira Toriyama's finest creations. The story lead the reader from village to city, from the earth lead to the alien, from now lead into the future, both exciting fight also sincere emotion.

  • "Dragon Ball" success is unprecedented, it is not only the "Young Jump" sold more than one stroke "Young Magazine", boarded the 6.53 million historical high, also affected the pattern after the Japanese manga, the birth of the juvenile diffuse blood in kingly Comics the concept. Akira Toriyama peers with almost alive Obata comic depiction cartoonist living "food dreamer" in the comic altogether will be divided into "benevolent Man" and "depraved Man" categories, this concept is from the "Dragon Ball" began.

  • "Pearl" is a specific symbol of Japanese manga. Talking about "Dragon Ball" success, many Friends of Man and industry experts conducted analysis, everyone's point of view is different, but there are several major issues basically the same.

  • First, the screen fighting power sense. Fight scenes lens design, whether it is from a sense of the intensity of the action, or the design moves, even if the place is still the strongest. Especially when using the community Wukong king of boxing, long-range attack in flight, crash, melee, very smooth conversion.

  • Second, the film has a visual sense of style. Island Shan Ming used in a large number of fragments of the comics appear in the movie action in Europe and America, especially in the story when the conflict is significantly accelerated rhythm screen, and compact convergence so that readers appreciate the action looks like a movie.

  • Third, the unique imagination and sci-fi elements. Shan Ming Island itself is a sci-fi books lover from his design a "microcapsule" where you can conjure up houses, cars, boats and other tools will be able to see his scientific obsession. Comics in the mountains then from ordinary bustle of the city, by the earth into space Namek, to the extradimensional community wangwu, Akira Toriyama's imagination continues to mobilize the reader's appetite, it can be issued after 42, very to a large extent from the audience attracted to the wonderful world of Dragon Ball.

  • Fourth, and most important, it is the story concise, popular, but not naive. "Pearl," the characters in the story is always simple behavioral logic, Goku and his convivial companions always beat the bad guys, safeguarding world peace, and no personal ambition. The bad guys and bad readers will not worry too thoroughly entangled. All in all the bad guys always inspire everyone brutal hatred, good always arouse the anger of our sympathy. This can maximize attract readers of different ages, we can say the same now in the island Shan Ming comic comparison is successful.