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Blood masterminded Mafia leader and maker of hats

Published: Sunday 12 February, 2017

Blood masterminded Mafia leader and maker of hats, charming and arrogant, likes black tea, have a palace makers hats and worst enemy Julnd Mary, Alice notes that it looks like her ex-boyfriend. Alice manipulated and pretending her love Bayonetta Costume
, but in reality it wants to remain near him even if he felt bored Vivaldi kill her big sister has also appeared in the video game.

Twin Diem and Dom The gate guard in the palace of hats maker, and because they are twins ending their state sentences to each other sometimes, and due to the small enacted understanding Athrban a lot of work, they tried to kill Alice in the first meeting for them, do not believe that the task of life and may think that not be a replacement.

Boris Boris is the counterpart to the clamping Shishir, he has never given instructions and a tail and many holes and tattoos on his body, Boris works in the fun park with Mary Julnd. A friend of Diem and Dom Although it prevents make friends with enemies, Boris likes to go to the Palace of hats maker in times Haklat tea and wants to change himself for Alice Cosplay Australia
. When Ace threatens to kill Alice called Boris fire between his feet, saying: "I can not kill you because that would make it not sad

Vivaldi Queen of Hearts Castle, likes to slaughter anyone who opposes its orders, tend to use the combination in her words formula. Do not like the expression of her feelings towards Blood. Like nice things to have a Chamber of confidentiality filled with stuffed animals, a big sister to Blood.

AS Knight Castle in the hearts and often forget Kiffa access to places, even though the character look and sound in the beginning it with the passage of time tends to violence, it is not used as a shield him when Peter threatened to shoot him. Julius help in the collection of hours of people who have died. Later it will want to kill not because it changed everyone in Wonderland, but remember that if you kill you will not hear her heart pulses therefore change his mind.

Julius Monri A new character in the story, many believe that it represents the time in the original story of Alice in Wonderland. Is responsible for the neutral zone, a clock tower. Julius is the closest person to Alice They trust him and live with him at Tower, and although it seems indifferent, someone who is social. Julius jealousy towards men who walk in the life of Alice appears and asks her to leave, saying that he could go anywhere you want because it is believed they are forced to stay with him but she refuses to leave.

Mary Julnd owner of the amusement park fun, an old man and moody, but people generally cheery and social. Loves his violin, which turns into a gun and believes that talented in playing but, in fact, worse than bad. Julnd is the sworn enemy of Blood, which expose his name across the country BioShock Infinite Costume
, which means "fun tour," Blood seems careful to choose the right times to fight Julnd, likes the irony of Julnd name and provoke anger.

the nightmare Appears in dreams or not it better to say nightmares. Is the one who brought Alice to Wonderland calls himself a "demon Dream" name claiming that the embodiment of bad dreams. Coughing blood when they pull it right, and it seems that no weapons.

Elliot March Elliott does not want to ratify that rabbit. He loves carrots food but does not like the same islands. He hates when people tell him that Peter White soon. Working for Blood