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Assassin's Creed takes place in historical reconstructions citie

Published: Thursday 16 February, 2017

The first Assassin's Creed was introduced elements which will remain as the foundation of other parts. Game is trying to make a historical version of Masyaf (location brotherhood), Jerusalem, Damascus and Akoa, and includes a number of documented historical figure in the story Kanon Costume
. Virtualized system Animus, free-running, climbing, hiding elements of the course are presented in this title, as well as the initial formulation of the system of fighting. The player would have to complete a few side missions before I could get an assassin mission of the local fraternity leaders in every town, but future games will leave this condition.

Lucy comes back and rescues from Desmond Abstergo, take him to a safe house Assassins and represents the sauna, historian, and Rebekah, their technical support Cosplay Australia
. Using an enhanced version of the Animus, Desmond testifies ECIU Auditore da Firenze, a young nobleman of the late 15th century in Florence, just before the execution Eciove brothers and father at the behest of the corrupt official work of the Templars. He, his mother and sister hid in a villa Monteriđioni belonging to his uncle Mario, who trains at the ECIA Asasinski way. Ezio and Mario reveal that Rodrigo Borgia leader of the Templars who were complicit in the execution of his family, and with the help of allies such as Leonardo da Vinci, methodically killing Templars low class and learns that Borgia seized seemed to be one named Apple. Finally, Ezio Borgia was cornered in a corner, which he teaches part-and-run; Ezio was added to the ranks of the Brotherhood and is believed to be a prophet based on their Code. A decade later, the Brotherhood learned that Borgia became Pope Alexander VI, using the influence of the church to strengthen the Templars. Ecio decline in the Vatican and opposes Borgia, revealing that the Pope's stick also part of Eden. Beating Borgia and sparing his life, Ezio uses the Apple and the pope's stick to uncover reveal ancient technologies. Inside he addressed hologram of a woman who calls herself Minerva and talking directly to Desmond through ECIA. Minerva explains that its civilization precedes mankind, but it is a big cadastre almost wiped out and explains that another such disaster to happen, putting the hope of humanity in the hands of Desmond. With this discovery, Desmond and his allies found Abstergo but they need to escape from the safe house.

Much like the first game, the action Assassin's Creed takes place in historical reconstructions cities of Venice, Florence, Forli, San Gimignano, in rural Tuscany and includes events during this period as part of the story Kingdom Hearts Costume
. Mission are divided in the main mission of the story that is subdivided into a sequence of memory highlights Eciovog life and secondary mission of the can end at any time; This approach remains consistent with the structure of the mission and in other games of this franchise. Vila Monteriđioni provides several features that can be expanded by improving extensions or several neighboring buildings, or by purchasing works of art, ornament for weapons and villa; in return, the villa will provide a wealth of players rate affected by buying these items. Additional tasks include locating secret Asasin seals and search for hidden clues left behind by the "entity 16," the original user Animus, indicating the nature of Minerva civilization.