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Animus is based on the Assassin controlled by the player to main

Published: Thursday 16 February, 2017

While the game is presented through the protagonist Desmond Miles, the biggest part of the game is based on the memories of ancestors Dezmondovih through advanced device called the Animus. This provides a means diegetic interface, displaying health Dezmondovok ancestor, equipment, objectives, and other features as part Animusovog interface. Animus is based on the Assassin controlled by the player to maintain synchronization between Desmond and the memories of his ancestor League of Legends Costume
. Perform actions that are opposed by the Assassins or dying interrupted synchronization and requires the player to return to the last checkpoint (control points). Furthermore, the player can explore the outer areas Asasin not yet experienced. There are also abnormalities in the animus of his previous users.

While playing as a character Assassins, games are literally presented third-person open-world in, with a focus on the hiding and running freely (freerunning). The games use the structure of the mission to track the main story, usually award the player to assassinate public figures or secret mission. Alternatively, are available some side missions, such as the mapping of expansive cities from any elevation followed by performing "leap of faith" in a haystack below, collect hidden treasures in the towns, searching for relics of the ruins, the construction of the brotherhood of assassins who will perform tasks, or the funding of reconstruction the city through the purchase and improvement of shops and other facilities Cosplay Australia
. In moments, the player directly controls Desmond, who by the nature of the use of animus Asasinske techniques learned through the effect of bleeding, as well as their ability gentsku Orlov Vida, which separates friends, enemies and a target for murder by making it illuminates different colors. Through the Animus interface, the player can come back and try any more of the Mission; For example, in Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, the player archived better synchronization by performing a mission in a specific way, such as killing the only target of this mission.

Game uses the concept of "active" versus "passive" movement, with "active" movements such as running, climbing on buildings or jumping between rooftops, to alert the attention of nearby guards. When the guards get a warning sign, a player must either fight them or that they break the field to locate the hiding place, such as a haystack or well, and wait until the guard alarm is reduced. Combat system provides a number of unique weapons, armor and moves, including the use of hidden blade mounted in a bracelet on asasinovoj hand, and can also be used for a silent elimination target.

Desmond was captured by Abstergo and forced him to use a machine called the Animus to explore Altair Ibn-La'Agadova memories during the third crusade. Desmond begins to testify events after Altair violated all three principles Asasinskog Brotherhood as he tried to stop Robert de Sablée not to take part of Eden. Al Mualim, leader of the brotherhood, Altair is reduced to the rank beginners and gives him the task of killing nine Knights Templar, including de Sablée to regain its original rank. Altairov task it finally states that the susretbe de Sablée in the presence of King Richard I of England warning king of de Sableovoj conspiracy that will kill him. Altair climbs de Sablée but his last words, de Sable reveals that there are ten of the Templars, the last Al Mualim, who has a part of Eden. Altair returns to confront Al Mualima, trying to fight off the illusion that stovrio Deo, but finally kill Al Mualim. When Altair regained part, they view those who testified Animus-holographic map that showed where the other objects in the world Lollipop Chainsaw Costume
. Desmond was pulled out of the Animus, and almost gets killed, but his life was spared Lucy Stillman, Asasin who works as a mole in Abstergo, because she claims that he may have to continue to explore memory later. He learns that he is the prime entity left a message that only Desmond can see, which predicts the end of the world in 2012.